We invite Recipients and Suppliers
to cooperate with us

Partner Registration

NTT SYSTEM S.A. conducts wholesale of goods for further resale.

In order to obtain the status of a partner as a recipient or supplier of NTT SYSTEM you should:

  1. Do business in the IT, Photo, Telephone, electronics/household appliances, Office supplies industry
  2. Send copies of the following documents:
    • NIP (Tax Identification Number)
    • Regon (National Business Registry Number)
    • Certificate of entry in the business activity register or an extract from the KRS (National Court Register)
    • Provide the contact person responsible for future contact with NTT together with the e-mail address and telephone number to the address:
    • BDO (Waste Database) registration number - applies to suppliers
      A competent salesperson will contact you within 24 hours to determine the terms of cooperation.

In order to learn the principles of cooperation, please contact us at the following address: