Rules for sending requests for quotation

  1. Requests should be sent in MS Office (*.doc, *.xls) or OpenOffice (*.sxw, *.sxc) file format, they cannot contain only technical specification. Tender specifications (SIWZ) may be sent by fax or in PDF or JPEG format. Please do not send incomplete scans of tender specifications.
  2. If the quotation is to be in a specific format or contain comparative tables, etc., it should be sent in electronic form.
  3. The following information should be included in the request:

* end user name

* customer (partner, integrator) and his references

* deadline for submission of tenders

* deadline for completion

* required warranty period

* required certificates and declarations

* additional information as required by the ordering party

  1. The NTT employee providing assistance to the customer must be specified. He/she sets the terms of completion, credit, transport, payment deadline, issues an invoice, etc.
  2. Requests should be sent no later than 3-4 business days before the deadline for submission of tenders. In special cases, exceptions from this period are allowed – after prior telephone arrangement.
  3. The results of a tender opening should be immediately forwarded to the PPD (Public Procurement Department) – this is particularly important due to the organization of orders for components needed to complete the tender.