Server products

NTT System Servers: Tytan, Atlas, JS (HPC), OpenStorage

Server solutions for business in NTT are a strong product group. Currently, we offer a wide range of server machines (NTT Titan, NTT Atlas, NTT JS, NTT Storage), starting from single servers supporting small local networks to large data processing centres. Our technicians and engineers are continuously creating new solutions adapting products to constantly changing market requirements. In two laboratories located in Krakow and Warsaw, configurations ahead of our competitors are created, providing customers with the highest quality products, designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable ISO standards and industry requirements. NTT System specializes in configuring equipment for customer needs, thanks to which we have a wide product portfolio.

NTT Tytan Servers

Servers equipped with INTEL processors, designed for small and medium enterprises, available cluster configurations.

NTT OpenStorage Servers

Array servers equipped with the Open-E operating system

    Case: 2U rack with mounting rails for the cabinet,
    Power supply: two 740W, 80 Plus Platinum power supplies,
    Hard drive:support for up to 24 2.5" Hot-Swap SAS/SATA/SSD drives,
    IPMI Module: with dedicated RJ45 port - the module enables remote switching on, switching off and monitoring of the drive shelf.

NTT JS Servers

HPC servers equipped with INTEL processors and unique DRAM drives characterized by high data processing speed.