Technologies for the real estate market

Intelligent access to a housing estate via smartphone

Measuring your temperature before entering the building – feel safe with the multifunctional Blue Bolt system!

Learn about Blue Bolt’s new feature to support companies in protecting themselves against COVID-19. Temperature measurement will help test people before they even enter the building, but also support in identifying people who may be infected but have no visible symptoms. This applies not only the current COVID-19 epidemic, but also to other illnesses, including seasonal colds and flu. We present you a system that allows you to isolate infected individuals at the very entrance of your facility. In addition, our system has other built-in features that you will be able to implement in your building.
Choose safety!

Intelligent access to a building with a smartphone in your pocket:

Open any doors, barriers, gates, and wickets from your smartphone. Assign access freely, invite guests. Check the details below.
Bet on modernity.

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Intelligent solutions for office buildings:

Access to rooms and offices in various locations, entrances to the square, the garage, notifications from the administrator or superiors - all this will be in one intuitive application.

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